What is a PBS passport?

The PBS Passport is a beneficial aspect where the participating member in it can acquire great privileges from the account. It gives the eligible donors and supporters more access to additional content. The PBS library contains episodes from famous programs that include the American experience, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA, Downtown Abbey and many more. You can access the PBS passport on Roku too.

There is an extended advantage offered to the supporters and donators who have got the passport membership benefit. The PBS Passport costs depend on how much benefit the users require. Most of the benefits are provided to supporters who donate $60 a year and the $5 sustainer that is monthly gifts. The donation need differs from station to station. So how much you donate is how much benefits you get.

If you have a PBS passport and want to use it on Roku then what are you waiting for. Go along with the steps given below and watch your favorite videos on Roku with the PBS passport benefit.

PBS Passport on Roku

PBS Passport on Roku

PBS passport on Roku

If you want to use PBS passport on Roku perform the following steps given below.

  • For PBS activate on Roku device you have to first open the PBS channel on Roku.
  • At the navigation menu on the top, you have to tap settings
  • At the bottom of the settings menu, you have to press the deactivate device. The screen will not alter
  • Now you have to confirm if you would like to deactivate the device. This will return you back to the PBS home screen
  • Press the blue activate button at the upper corner of the screen
  • You will be able to view a new screen that says that the channel requires activation
  • The activation steps will display on the screen with the 7 character activation code
  • You have to now go to the computer screen and open the browser. You can do this in  chrome, Safari, and Firefox. If you have done this step and it’s not working you can  try opening a private or browser in incognito mode window. You will be  finish the rest of the steps
  • In the address bar, you have to type pbs.org/activate
  • Now key in the seven-character code for activation in the provided text box However you have to remember that this is not your passport activation code
  • Then press continue

Signing in for PBS activate

  • You will now be taken to a new page where you have to sign in with Google, PBS account and Facebook
  • Select the same account you use when you have activated the passport. If you sign in with another email address then you will not be signed in with the passport account. You will also never be able to see the passport videos
  • After the process of signing PBS passport on Roku will be activated. You can then return to the Roku screen to start watching passport videos
  • Now you will see the content you like to watch with this account and easily access it now and then
  • If you are using multiple Roku devices then you have to activate PBS passport in each of the devices before watching the content
  • If the Blue passport icon is missing near your name then you have not finished the whole activation process. The issue may also be caused because you may have not signed in with the email address you used before in the process of activation. Try the signing in process with the right email and fix the problem

Activate PBS passport on Roku to watch PBS Videos

You have to activate the passport to view the videos which will show the icon of PBS passport. You will be able to watch many shows on your different gadgets. It is entirely your decision if you want to activate PBS or not. You will get a message inquiring you if you prefer to activate a PBS passport each of the time you come to see a video.

The streaming rights for the other people would have expired but for people with PBS passport, it is just a click away to watch it. For more details ring @ +1-844-355-3999 toll-free number.

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