Activate PBS on Roku Using pbs.org/activate

By subscribing to pbs.org/activate, you can enjoy full-length episodes of your favorite shows and programs on TV to which your Roku is connected. At the time of launch, there were 56 featured programs. If you want to watch this channel then you can add it after the activation of your Roku device.


  • The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American distributor of public broadcasters and television programs. It is a non-profit organization and the most prominent supplier of educational television programming for U.S. public television stations
  • PBS broadcasts children’s programming as part of the morning and evening timetable of the service. As the children’s programs, it shows are intended to educate and entertain its target audience, in response to the Children’s Television Act of 1990
  • PBS and its stations have long been in compliance with the educational programming guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission. PBS spun off a number of television networks, often in collaboration with other media businesses
  • The task of PBS is to produce content that informs, educates and inspires. To do this, PBS provides programming that extends children’s minds, documentaries that open up fresh worlds, non-market news programs that keep people informed about world events, cultures, and programs that expose America to music, theater, dance, and art worlds

Activating Roku

Before you move on to pbs.org/activate, you will have to complete the Roku.com/link

  • Make sure you finish the on-screen directions to connect your Roku device to the internet
  • You can download fresh software from your Roku machine once you have completed the internet connection process
  • A link code will then be displayed on your Roku device; e.g. “XD12 G” Note this link code and go to the Roku com link page of your desktop or mobile device. Navigate to Roku.com/link and type the code. Now, click on submit
Activating Roku

Adding PBS to Your Roku Account

There are two ways you can complete this pbs.org/activate

Method One

  • From your Roku home page navigate to the search bar present on the menu
  • Now here type PBS using the arrows on your remote
  • Note that when you click on the search tab you will find the virtual keyboard opening. You will find the add channel overlay
  • And once you click on that, a PBS activation code will get displayed on the Roku connected TV. Note this code down
  • Now, open any browser either on your smartphone or your personal computer
  • On the space for the URL, type pbs.org/activate and hit enter
  • To the page where you are taken to, you will have to enter this code and then again click on submit
  • Now, you can view PBS after 24 hours, which is the activation period that the channel requires

Method Two

  • The alternate method that you can prefer is also here
  • You can follow either of them as both will allow you to enjoy PBS
  • On the browser form your personal computer or the smartphone, navigate to the https://channelstore.roku.com/ details/23353/pbs
  • In this, you will automatically find the add channel overlay
  • Click on that and find that it will ask you your Roku account information
  • Type in the credentials
  • After you log in, you will again have to navigate to the pbs.org/activate
  • Type the code here and then tap on activate
  • Find that the channel will be extra to your Roku account

PBS Passbook

  • PBS Passport is a member advantage from participating in PBS stations providing eligible donors and followers with more access to a quality public television on-demand library online
  • The PBS Passport library features episodes from famous programs such as American Experience, American Masters, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA, and Masterpiece
  • It also includes all six Downton Abbey seasons
  • Besides these signature series, the library is full of the renowned arts, science, history, and lifestyle programs of public television, including How We Got to Now, Earth a New Wild, Austin City Limits, and a rotating range of Ken Burns movies

Cost of PBS passport

  • PBS Passport is an extra advantage accessible to eligible donors of participating PBS stations
  • That is to obtain this advantage, you must make a gift to your station
  • Typically, there is a requirement of a station donation of at least $60 per year or $5 Sustainer / Ongoing monthly donations for the PBS Passport member advantage
  • Keep in mind that this requirement for donation can differ from station to station
  • For eligibility criteria for service, please refer to the website of your station
  • Use the PBS station finder to find your local station contact data: http:/www.pbs.org/about/about-pbs/stations/

Troubleshooting PBS Problems

Sometimes you might face problems regarding or during the pbs.org/activate. You have the options to troubleshoot it also

Activation Was Not Successful Message

This error arises when you make small mistakes in the typing of your activation code. The very simple thing that you can opt to do is, navigate to the pbs.org/activate and type the code again. Also, try getting a new code as there are chances for the code expiry. Make a note that the code expires only after a long time

Watchlist Syncing Problem

There are chances for you to discover that your Roku Watchlist is not synchronizing with your computer’s Watchlist or any other device that you view PBS content with. In this case, attempt to disable and reactivate your Roku app

Content Disabled Message

The message disabled from content generally shows an issue with linking the Roku to the TV with the HDMI cable. Unplug the HDMI cable on both the Roku and your TV. Switch off for about 30 seconds and unplug the TV and Roku. Next, reconnect your TV and Roku with the HDMI cable. Please make sure you push them all the way in firmly. Plug the TV and Roku in and power up. Try again the video or the app

For further queries regarding pbs.org/activate, feel free to interact with our customer care team working round the clock.


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